Wedding Shower Games: Games are not just for kids.

bride3.jpgAlthough wedding showers have been around for many years they are very much in vogue at the moment. A big part of the success of the wedding shower is the wedding shower games that are played. This is a time when the bride and groom have a chance to let their hair down along with their friends and guests and make a memorable event. Games are used as an ice breaker to introduce strangers to one another and help get the wedding shower in the mood.

Unlike the kitchen tea or hen party which is designed for the female friends of the bride, or stag party for the men, the wedding shower can be attended by both sexes. It is therefore important not to have games that could offend or embarrass.

Ice Breakers:

My name is…As guests arrive pin the name of a famous person to their back. They must then ask the other guests questions to gain clues as to their ‘identity’.

Don’t say it! As guests arrive give them a name tag with their name and 10 tabs each partially cut for easy tearing. Tell them that they must not say the word ‘wedding’ all evening. If they do a tab will be torn off. The one with the most tabs at the end of the evening is the winner and gets a small prize. Now everyone can shout ‘1…2…3 wedding’.

Wedding shower games

Trivia. Write some questions about the bride and groom such as how they met, what was the bride or grooms first job and so on. The winner is the guest who answers the most questions.

Pass the parcel. Wrap up a small gift in multi layers of gift paper. You can put in a box with more paper so that it looks quite large. Play some music while the guests continue to pass the parcel. When the music stops a layer of paper is taken off and the music starts again. This continues until the gift is unwrapped and the last person gets to keep it.

Cake of chocolate. Guests sit in a circle and throw a dice. In the centre is a large cake of chocolate in its wrapper and on a plate, a pair of gloves and hat as well as a knife and fork. Whoever gets a six when they throw the dice must don the hat and gloves and proceed to unwrap the chocolate using only the knife and fork. They can continue until the next six is thrown and then they must take off the items and the next person continues.

Bridal Shower Scratch Off Game Who’s waiting for the bride at the alter? A frog? A nerd? Or some other funny undesirable character? Who will get the winning card… the handsome Prince Charming? This game is sure to have guests laughing.

The wedding dress. Guests are divided into groups and given a roll of toilet paper. Each team must choose a bride and make a dress using only the toilet paper. Accessories can be used such as a brooch. Give the teams five minutes to come up with their creation. The bride will choose the winning team. Remember the camera!

Guess. Use a jar or attractive container and place a number of jelly beans or safety pins or some other suitable item in the jar. Make sure you know the answer but ask the guests to guess the number in the jar. Give a small prize to the winner.

Kitchen tea game

Under the blanket. Dress the bride to be in ‘clothing’ made of kitchen items – for example a bikini made of tea towels. Have her sitting next to the wrapped up gifts. Each gift must be felt before opening and described to the guests – it has a long bit, oh it’s quite soft etc. Someone writes the comments down and at the end the bride must read back the comments saying after each comment ‘under the blanket’. This is what she is supposed to say on her wedding night. Can be hilarious and, as you can imagine, a bit raunchy.

Guess the gift. Once again dress the bride appropriately but this time she must guess what the gifts contain. Each time she gets the guess wrong she must take a sip from a potty. In the potty is a cooked sausage and orange juice….not very nice to look at. If you lace the orange juice with alcohol do be responsible.